Same supplier information

The Supplier Management feature helps sellers keep track of a detailed list of their suppliers, helping to manage a variety of goods effectively. Thereby, limiting the shortage or excess of goods, saving maximum time and manpower.

Support provider management features

Build and manage a professional procurement process for sellers


Create and track new supplier information

All supplier information is fully displayed on GoSELL's admin page after creation, making it easy for businesses to manage.
  • Add and create new suppliers to your store's list.
  • Track and fully update the information of suppliers by code, supplier name, email, and phone number.
  • Search for a provider by name or by code.
Create and track new supplier information


Create import orders easily and quickly

Create an import order quickly from the list of suppliers available on the system, search for products to enter by name, SKU code, or barcode.
  • Easily create purchase orders from the list of available suppliers with the incoming branch.
  • Customize the product information to enter (name, quantity, entry price, discount, cost, total amount, etc.).
  • Know whether the goods have returned to the warehouse or not through the statuses: Create an application, approve it, and complete it.
Create import orders easily and quickly


Detailed tracking of history and order status from suppliers

Understanding the entire import process through specific updated statuses, and tracking import history.
  • Displays the entire list of orders with detailed information (import code, supplier name, import branch, warehouse, total amount, order creator, order creation date, etc.).
  • Easily filter and search for orders by time, by order status, or by supplier code/name.
Detailed tracking of history and order status from suppliers


Decentralize staff to manage suppliers

Sellers can delegate authority to employees to optimize the management of suppliers.
  • Allow decentralization for vendor management staff.
  • Easily create notes, important information about orders or suppliers.
Decentralize staff to manage suppliers

With supplier management, GoSELL helps you manage each supplier's import, creating a closed process to manage all steps of importing, managing, and consuming products on one platform.
Each operation performed on the GoSELL platform is also performed by certain employees management and permissions, learn more about the Staff management feature for more information right away.