Increase brand value with push notifications

Increase brand value with push notifications

Encourage returning customers to buy more

The push notification feature helps convey the message of the business to customers through the sales app. Promotions, new product information will be updated for customers right on their phone screens to help businesses reach and retain customers easily, thereby improving brand awareness and increasing outstanding sales.

Send push notifications

Enhanced customer experience - Strong sales growth


Create a push notification campaign

Easily set up push notifications via the customer's sales app.
  • Create simple push notifications with content such as: Campaign name, customer group, notification delivery, title, content, image, and link.
  • Display corresponding notification images instead of default
  • Allows filtering notifications by campaign type (out-sent, scheduled, event) or by status (sending, sent, scheduled,...).
  • Allows adding links to pages, collections, products/services, links,... Have an offer, promotion, or any campaign that you are in need of promoting via push notifications.
Create a push notification campaign


Schedule push notifications

Create push notifications with time frames that work for different groups of customers.
  • Send push notifications to one or more groups of customers that are already categorized in the CRM system.
  • Set up sending push notifications in multiple forms: Send now, as scheduled, or by event (birthday, account creation, order fulfillment, order failure).
Schedule push notifications

In addition to cleverly leveraging push notifications on the app to generate customer interest, navigate them to the shopping interface page, product collection,....
You can also use push notifications to send discount codes to your target audience, to stimulate consumption and increase the personalized experience for customers, learn more here.