Email Marketing Features

Email Marketing Features

Reach customers - promote your brand

Email marketing allows you to convey your message to your target audience, in order to improve the quality of your marketing campaigns and drive strong sales growth.

Build an email marketing strategy

Cost savings - sales support - revenue breakthrough


Create emails quickly with a rich interface

Empower businesses to create unlimited emails.
  • Freely create email templates according to each campaign and event.
  • Provide a beautiful email interface store, suitable for many fields/industries and different devices.
  • Allows entering HTML code to write the email body option.
  • Add links in the email interface that direct customers straight to your desired page.
Create emails quickly with a rich interface


Set up an email campaign

Help information about products and businesses reach the right target customers.
  • Set up email campaigns in a variety of formats (welcome, newsletter, sales, sponsorships, etc.).
  • Allows sending emails to different lists or customer groups.
  • Support to introduce products/services or implement incentives, promotions, or flash sales easily.
Set up an email campaign

Not only helping businesses create targeted and personalized messages, to build sustainable relationships with customers, contributing to increasing brand awareness.
GoSELL also allows creating a variety of discount codes and sending them to customers through Email marketing to motivate customers to shop, learn more here.