Professional Shipping Management

Optimizing Costs, Improving Customer Experience

Integrated with our country’s top domestic and international delivery companies, such as Giao Hàng Nhanh, Giao Hàng Tiết Kiệm, AhaMove. Simplify the process of order processing, order confirmation, and delivery with just a few clicks, satisfying customers’ demand for a fast and affordable delivery service. Increasing customer satisfaction.

Professional Shipping Management

Optimize Shipping Process

Bringing products to Customers At Lightning Speed


Buyers Are Free To Choose Different Forms Of Delivery.

Buyers are free to choose different forms of delivery, providing the best shopping experience.
  • Linking with nationwide credible delivery companies such as Giao Hàng Nhanh, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem, AhaMove.
  • Meet multiple delivery demands, such as Speed delivery, delivery of bulky products, or delivery with preferential prices for the province, city, or nationwide
  • Shippers directly come to pick up and return products in the correct location.
  • The system will automatically suggest a delivery company with the lowest shipping price, thus guaranteeing buyers with good price.
  • Allow customers to choose suitable delivery companies.
  • The shipping methods are applicable on Websites, apps; and orders created on Facebook and Zalo chat management platforms.
Buyers Are Free To Choose Different Forms Of Delivery


Setting Delivery Fees With Self-Delivery Function

Presenting the Self-delivery function for sellers that have their own delivery team, enhancing customers' shopping experience.
  • Allows sellers to turn on or off the self-delivery function.
  • Optionally set the shipping fee from Vietnam innercity to interprovincial.
  • Optionally set up a conditional fee by the total value, weight, or size of the delivered package.
setting delivery fees with self-delivery function


Automatically Track And Update Delivery Status

Support sellers in tracking the delivery status to ensure the order arrives within the scheduled time.
  • Actively monitoring and tracking delivery status.
  • Automatically update delivery status, such as: Waiting for confirmation, waiting to pick up, delivering, delivered, or canceled...
  • Timely updates and notify customers whenever the order has problems or delays in delivery.
Automatically Track And Update Delivery Status


Accurate And Fast COD Reconciliation

Collect Cash and reconciliation money accurately
  • Acknowledge the exact number of orders using the COD payment method.
  • Support exporting invoices when using the COD shipping method.
  • Display the COD order on the delivery note, making it simpler for shippers to identify.
Accurate And Fast COD Reconciliation


Integrate International Delivery Function

Cross-country delivery with international delivery function.
  • Customize selected areas that applied international shipping.
  • Allows setting conditions and rules applied for this delivery form.
  • Setting the delivery fee according to the package’s region and value.
Integrate International Delivery Function


Optimize Order’s Operation Time

Making things more simple and fast by creating and printing shipping slips, and delivery invoices.
  • Swiftly create a delivery slip whenever an order needs to be delivered.
  • Create and print customer invoices with just a few simple steps.
  • Guarantee accurate order information for products to be delivered to customers rapidly.
Optimize Order’s Operation Time

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Mr. Ninh Phú

CEO of Bao An Cosmetic Dentistry

“When I learned about GoSELL I was very excited and looking forward to experiencing Web and App booking services. GoSELL also helps me manage customer appointments very scientifically, checking the customer list is very simple. Thank you GoSELL..”

customer reviews

Ms. Hoàng Anh

Director of Ying Detox Company

“I'm using Gosell's Website to support multichannel business management within the country. I've also thought about international business but found it quite difficult because of the language, shipping and payment barriers. But with this new feature of GoSELL, I can completely easily and confidently bring my product to the international market..”

customer reviews

Ms. Kim Thuỳ

Owner of Shyne Lounge Beauty Spa

“Since I use GoSELL's services, the spa is more well known and trusted by customers, it's easier to book skincare service – anytime, and I can understand the needs of my clients..”

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Ms. Thanh Tuyền

Management of VIET BEAUTY Ltd. Company

“GoSELL has helped VIET BEAUTY diversify its sales channels and manage our business effectively, and revenue is constantly growing..”

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Ms. Như Lan

Owner of Pick Beauty Cosmetics

“As a cosmetics supplier, I used to struggle to find business solutions, until I found GoSELL. I can now easily create my own website to reach online customers. I'm always confident in the quality of my products, so I'd love to export them. Therefore, I will use GoSELL's new feature to bring my products to the international market.."

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Ms. Tiểu Nhi

Owner of Nhi Angel Cosmetics Store

"Since transforming business from Offline to Online, I have only used one GoSELL app without collaborating with another unit. Thanks to GoSELL, I did it.."

customer reviews

Ms. Tuệ Tâm

Owner Happy Food

"GoSELL integrates marketing management tools, gathering information to take care of customers in a single app. GoSELL is one of the tools that can accompany and support businesses. Help my business increase sales and expand customers."

customer reviews

Ms. Hữu Ái

Owner of Toloco Healthcare Center

"GoSELL is a platform that transforms my business form into consistent and effective. The market is a battlefield. You need to change to keep up with the trend. You have to change to win.."

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