What does OAO stand for?

  • OAO (short for Online And Offline) is a business model that combines both Online and Offline formats. In Vietnam, this is a relatively new form of business. OAO helps businesses attract potential customers through online sales channels to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • As digital technology advances, online business formats (Sales Website, Sales App, E-commerce platform, Facebook, Zalo,...) and conventional physical stores must constantly coexist for businesses to survive and develop sustainably. The OAO model applies to all industries, especially the retail business.

How has the OAO model changed the retail industry?

  • According to Google and Temasek's report, the number of online consumers in Vietnam has increased by more than 8 million in the 2021 first 6 months. These figures demonstrate changes in consumer behavior that entails businesses with opportunities and challenges to quickly transform their business models in the online space.
  • Until 2022, when the epidemic has been under control, the habit of buying online on e-commerce platforms remains consumers' s favored option.

Wise retailers

The OAO model only really flourished when Covid-19 broke out. In the situation when more and more businesses are "clinically dead", bankrupt, having to lay off workers, and ceasing operations due to the impact of the epidemic, digital transformation is considered a businesses' lifesaver and escape solution.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic:
more than 50% of businesses applied the OAO model.

Since the Covid-19 epidemic:
more than 25% of businesses have applied this model

GoSELL - the "perfect" combination for the OAO business model

GoSELL is a partner with extensive expertise in assisting retail businesses in implementing the OAO model strategy in various markets. Therefore, if you wish to integrate the OAO model into your business processes, GoSELL is your ultimate choice.

GoWEB - e-commerce sales website

  • GoWEB's platform with over 100 built-in features lets you sell more, increase income, and brand your business online, assisting you with all operations ranging from management and sales to marketing / remarketing and effective customer service.
  • GoWEB will serve as a springboard for you to generate hundreds of orders every day, break through revenue, and optimize branding costs.
Flash Sale

GoAPP - Brand Sales App

  • Just log in to the APP on your phone, and your customers will be able to shop, earn points, and receive promotion notifications on both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • This enables you to accompany customers wherever you are, take care of, retain customers and establish a brand effectively.
Livestream on The App

GoPOS - comprehensive omnichannel management software

  • GoPOS now allows you to manage everything at one or more branches simultaneously on a single interface. This program applies to both online and offline stores.
  • Furthermore, you may obtain consumer information during the sales process to plan for customer service, remarketing, as well as establishing a loyal customer base.
Store Customer Information to Every Detail

GoLEAD - Landing Page platform supports increasing conversion rates

  • Design a professional, attractive landing page for the product you want to advertise with a plethora of interfaces ideal for a wide range of businesses. Furthermore, the great resonance of Facebook Pixel, SEO, and Google Analytics will help you optimize your advertising strategy for the best result.
  • As a consequence, you can reach and collect information about potential customers more easily, while effectively increasing the website traffic and the conversion rate.
Create a Campaign to Send Notifications to Thousands of Customers

GoSOCIAL - Optimize sales on Facebook and Zalo

  • With a feature that connects up to 5 Facebook Fanpage + 1 Zalo OA to a single admin page, you can directly message and create an order for customers right on the chat box.
  • As a result, you can increase online sales performance, save time checking inventory and out-of-stock goods, provide a professional experience for both buyers and sellers. Orders and warehouses will be managed and updated automatically, making sales much easier.
Revenue Report Analysis