Providing Customers with Professional Experiences

With this feature, your customers can make appointments completely on the website and application before visiting the store, making their experience more convenient and satisfying. Additionally, the appointment management also allows you to follow up and monitor the list of your customers in a detailed and professional manner, attracting new customers as well as increasing the loyalty of existing customers.

Professional Service Management For All Businesses (Spa, Dental, Hair Salon,...)

Maximizing Customer Experience - Delivering Top-Notch Service


Customers Can Freely Schedule Appointments On The Website/ Selling App

Customers can freely schedule appointments on the website/ Selling App.
  • Customers have the option to pay in advance or after using the service (cash, ATM card, credit/debit card, E-wallet, banking, POS,...).
  • Attracting and retaining the customers by allowing them to apply the coupons, wholesale prices or loyalty points when using the service.
  • Allowing the customer to track their booking schedule easily on website and selling app.
Customers Can Freely Schedule Appointments On The Website/ Selling App


Appointment Management

Allowing the seller to manage all of the available services quickly, minimizing errors and enhancing service quality.
  • Easy to filter the appointments by their status(Confirming, Confirmed, Completed or Canceled) or by specific time.
  • Allowing the seller to search/confirm the appointment by booking code, customer's name, phone number or barcode.
  • Displaying the booking receipt in detail and printing the invoice as soon as the customer successfully booked the service.
Appointment Management


Service Creating And Service Collections

Allowing the seller to create services and service collections quickly, assisting the customers in freely choosing the available services.
  • Unlimited services with full information (services' name, listed price, selling price, description, illustration, etc,.).
  • Allows setting up a list of branches with corresponding operating hours.
  • Creating service collections manually at will (add every service to the collections) and automatically (gather all services to the collections based on adjusted conditions).
  • Allowing the service collections to be saved while creating and adjusting SEO keywords.
Service Creating And Service Collections


Edit/Cancel Or Filter/Service Finding

Allowing the seller to edit/cancel, filter/find services quickly, maximize the time for managers.
  • Allowing to adjust the services' status(available, unavailable).
  • Easy to change/cancel services when pressing the icon next to the Task menu.
  • Filtering services by status or by adjusted collections.
Edit/Cancel Or Filter/Service Finding

The services that your customers have booked will be managed simultaneously in the admin page and the GoSELL remote management application.
With this management application, you can also use it as a product barcode scanner to optimize inventory and product management, learn more about the GoSELLER app right here.