I. Terms of payment for GoSELL Customers (GoSELL Sellers)

The cost of purchasing a GoSELL package is paid directly via Credit Card, Debit Card, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Internet Banking service to "GoSELL Account".

For the cost of transfer via Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Internet Banking service will be calculated in accordance with the Bank's term and paid by the Customer.

After payment, the system sends the payment confirmation to your email (which you provided when you sign up). The system will send notifications of the next payment to your email five days in advance (or more). If you don't pay on time, your website will be frozen. After 2 months, your website will be automatically cancelled.

GoSELL currently does not support refunds.

Customers can only change the payment method before making a payment.

II. GoSELL's payment method to sellers.

The seller agrees to authorize GoSELL to make an authorized payment for orders that happen on the system. GoSELL will review and pay tr the seller as in detail:

GoSELL will make payments to partners for successful delivery orders, and GoSell receives money (also known as Completed Orders) an average of 3 times a month into a bank account registered with GoSELL.


The successful order is the order:

- No complaints from the buyer.

- The payment account for the order is a valid account, which does not violate Vietnamese law. The amount paid will be equal to the total amount of orders incurred during the statement period, minus third-party expenses incurred (if any).

A. Payment time

Payment period Date of submission of information Time party B confirms the submission Date party A makes the payment
Orders from 01 to 09th of every month 11th of every month Within 2 working days from the date of submission. If the time limit 02 is exceeded from the date of submission, and Party B does not have any response, it is considered that Party B has agreed to the contents of the submission. Within 2 working days from the date of submission. Party A will transfer the proceeds from transactions during the payment period after subtraction. Party A Service Fee or transfer fee incurred (if any) to party B account provided on the website.
Orders from 10th to 19th of every month 21st of every month.
Orders from the 20th to the last day of the month The 2nd of the following month

In case that the above deadlines fall on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as prescribed by the State, we will move to the next business day. In case party B provides the wrong account information on the website system, this payment will be added to the next payment period. In case that the term of the payment period and the duration of the submission change due to an unknown reason, we will send you a written notice 30 days in advance of the changes.

B. Types of fees

I. Card transaction fee via payment gateway

No. Fee name Amount of fee (VAT included)
1 Domestic card transactions/Bank accounts/Mobile Banking apps and e-wallets.
- Transaction processing fees and payment fees 1,1%/successful payment+ 1,650VND
2 International card transactions
- Transaction processing fees and payment fees 2,75%/ successful payment + 2,500VND

Notice: The above fees may vary from time to time. When there is a change in fees, GoSELL will notify customers before the statement period.

II. Transfer fee: Incurred depending on the bank's transfer fee table at the time of transfer.

III. Shipping fee paid by seller:

- When the buyer refuses to receive the products from the seller at the time of receipt for any reason. Return fee per order: VND 5,000.

- When the delivery staff cannot deliver the products to the buyer more than 3 times. The fee per order is:
• Inner City: Free;
• Suburban: Equal to 40% of the delivery charge.

- Re-delivery fee: In case the products have returned to the delivery warehouse, the buyer wants to re-deliver. The fee for each re-deliver order is: 11,000 VND

Notice: The above fees may vary from time to time. When there is a change in fees, GoSELL will notify customers before the statement period.

IV. Other fees: Penalty charges due to cancellation of orders, products returned due to products not ensuring quality or other errors ... In the case of the specific case, the two parties can negotiate wages to settle..

V. When the order is complained: The complained orders will remain unpaid until a final agreement is reached between the seller and the buyer. After the result, if the order is agreed to belong to the seller, the order will be transferred to the next statement period..

III. Terms of payment for buyers on the seller's shop on GoSELL (buyers)

GoSELL supports one or more payment methods that are valid in each country such as credit cards, international debit cards. Credit/debit card payments are made through a third-party payment channel, and the list of cards accepted depends on the payment channel the user is using.

Cash on Delivery (COD): Customers can pay cash directly to the Carrier after receiving the purchase receipt.

Payment via VNPAY payment gateway: Customers can pay via credit card, debit card, ATM via VNPAY payment gateway to "GoSELL Account". The cost of the transfer will be calculated in accordance with VNPay's term and is paid by the seller on GoSELL.

Customers can only change the payment method before making a payment.

GoSELL is not responsible for any loss or damage to the Customer arising from the incorrect entry of shipping information or payment information for the ordered order. GoSELL reserves the right to check the legality of the customer's payment method and suspend the transaction until the legality is confirmed or the relevant transactions cannot be confirmed if this legality cannot be confirmed. Note: GoSELL will be responsible for orders that use GoSELL's delivery support services. Currently, GoSELL can only make payments to Sellers via bank transfer. Therefore, the Seller needs to provide GoSELL with the bank account number to receive payment for the amount of products for the product sold or for the refunded amount from GoSELL.

If you are not in Vietnam, you are subject to laws and taxes in your region or country and Vietnamese laws for products and services exported to another country..

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