1. Prohibited products:

a) Military weapons, equipment, techniques, equipment and means of military use of police; military equipment (including badges, military and police badges), military equipment for the armed forces, components, parts, spare parts, supplies and special equipment, technology used to make them;

b) Shotguns and shotgun ammunition, sports weapons, support tools;

c) Drugs and psychoactive substances;

d) Banned chemicals and precursors;

e) Ctypes of depraved, reactionary, superstitious or harmful cultural products to aesthetic education, personality publications and documents aimed at undermining public order against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

f) Types of firecrackers;

g) Dangerous toys, toys that are harmful to children's personality and health education or to social security, order and safety (including video game programs);

h) Veterinary medicines, pesticides banned or not permitted for use in Vietnam as prescribed in the Veterinary Ordinance, ordinance on Plant Protection and Quarantine;

i) Plants and wildlife (including living animals and their parts that have been processed) under the list of international treaties to which Vietnam is a regulated member and rare plants and animals on the list prohibiting exploitation and use.;

j) Fisheries banned from fishing, seafood with toxic residues exceeding the permissible limits, seafood with natural toxins endangering human life;

k) Fertilizers not in the list are allowed to be produced, sold and used in Vietnam;

l) Plant varieties not in the list are allowed to be produced, trading, plant varieties that harm the production process, human health, environment, ecosystem;

m) Livestock are not in the list allowed to be produced and sold; livestock are harmful to human health, sources of livestock genes, environment, ecosystems;

n) Special, toxic minerals;

o) Imported scrap pollutes the environment;

p) Human medicines, vaccines, medical bio-products, cosmetics, chemicals and insecticides, bactericidal products in the field of household and medical use are not allowed in Vietnam;

r) Food additives, food processing aids, micronutrients, high-risk food supplements, foods preserved by irradiation methods, foods with modified genes that have not been authorized by competent state agencies;

s) Asbestos-containing products and materials belonging to the amfibole group;

t) Flammable, toxic or dehydrated substances or substances, polluting the environment.

u)Vietnamese currencies, foreign currencies and papers that value as money.

v)  Precious metals: gold, silver, jewelries, gemstones or other products made from precious metals, gemstones;

w) Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of finished tobacco are smuggled;

x) Products containing radioactive substances, radiation equipment or radioactive sources;

y) Alcohol of all kinds;

z) Types of products that the State prohibits/restricts the circulation, trading, export, import;

aa) Items, publications and products banned from import;

2. Products outside the term of service provision:

a) Veterinary medicines, pesticides;

b) Living creatures;

c) Seafood;

d) Varieties of plants, pets;

e) Mineral;

f) Scrap;

g) Food additives;

h) Frozen products;

i) Food, drink;

j) Gasoline, oil of all kinds.;

k) Gas of all kinds (including extraction operations);

l) Medicines for people.;

m) Herbs in the high risk herbs category;

n) Veterinary medicines, pesticides; raw materials for production of veterinary medicines and pesticides;

o) Relics, antiquities, national treasures;

p) Movies, tapes, discs (including printing and copying);

q) Tobacco ingredients;

r) Other products as prescribed by law.


For the purchase of products:

– Delivery or service provision: Hire a delivery company.

– Estimated time limit for delivery or service provision: Intro-provincial 02 working days, Extra-provincial 5-7 working days.

– Geographical limits on delivery or service provision: there is a shipping fee and the fee according to the schedule of Giao Hang Nhanh (GHN) and Giaohangtietkiem

1. Scope of service provision


+ GHN: https://ghn.vn/pages/ghn-express

+ Giaohangtietkiem: https://giaohangtietkiem.vn/dich-vu-giao-hang-ghtk/

+ VNPost: http://www.vnpost.vn/

2. Receiving area:

Shown on the price list of delivery services on the website

+ GHN: https://ghn.vn/

+ Giaohangtietkiem: https://giaohangtietkiem.vn/dich-vu-giao-hang-ghtk/

+ VNPost: http://www.vnpost.vn/

3. Delivery area:

Nationwide delivery according to the service of the delivery companies, refer to the details below:

+ GHN: https://ghn.vn/

+ Giaohangtietkiem: https://giaohangtietkiem.vn/

+ VNPost: http://www.vnpost.vn/

+ AhaMove: https://ahamove.com/

4. Detailed price list:

GoSELL does not charge any fee other than the service provider's fee, refer to the details below.:

+ GHN: https://ghn.vn/

+ Giaohangtietkiem: https://giaohangtietkiem.vn/

+ VNPost: http://www.vnpost.vn/

+ AhaMove: https://ahamove.com/


Postage should be packaged in accordance with the regulations on packaging of products of delivery units in Vietnam.

For fragile, deformed products, specific inserts, linings and notes are required.

For liquid goods, it is necessary to be bottled, and reinforced firmly.

Refer to the details below:

+ GHN:  https://ghn.vn/

+ Giaohangtietkiem: https://giaohangtietkiem.vn/

+ VNPost: http://www.vnpost.vn/

+ AhaMove: https://ahamove.com/


Where the fault belongs to the seller who does not comply with the buyer's request: The delivery officer makes a record as a witness (e.g. products lacking quantity, wrong specifications, qualities ... whose sealing stamp packaging remains intact at the time of delivery to the buyer and sent back to the seller).

Notice: In this case, the delivery fee will be charged to the seller. See more GoSELL payment policies.

Where the delivery officer is unable to contact the seller to pick up the products, the seller will be responsible for this delivery fee (if any).

  • When conducting a transaction, the buyer needs to learn about the seller's warranty policy (if any). In case the products that the supplier does not specify the warranty policy, the buyer should find out the warranty information provided by the company to the seller.
  • The seller is responsible for conducting the warranty of products and services to the buyer as promised.
  • The buyer always keeps the warranty, commercial contract and has the right to go to the place of supply of the product for warranty or ask the seller to go to their place and conduct the warranty.
  • The buyer has the right to complaint against the seller in case the seller refuses to warranty the product while it is still within the maintenance warranty period stated on the warranty paper or commercial contract.
  • GoSELL recommends that buyers check warranty and maintenance policies for goods they intend to buy. GoSELL will not be primarily responsible for warranting any product. GoSELL only supports in the ability to allow the buyer's product to be covered by the seller's warranty.
  • Sellers are recommended to use products insurance services for high-value items, so that they can receive maximum compensation when there is a risk..
  • Sellers need to prepare delivery documents (invoices, delivery slips ...) to ensure that products are circulated in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Warranty conditions for products
  • The warranty period is based on stamps, warranty slips or activation time for electronic warranties, products with technical defects.

Cases where warranty fees may arise:
  • Products that expire warranty period.
  • The product is broken, deformed, burnt, exploded, damp in the engine ... used by the user.
  • When there is a need for product warranty, the buyer directly contact the local warranty center of the products (if any).
  • In case the buyer is too far from the warranty center or cannot go to the warranty directly, the buyer can contact the seller directly for the necessary warranty instructions.


    The buyer can request a return/refund in the following cases.:

    Have not received yet:

    Paid (by online methods such as ATM/credit card) but did not receive goods.

    Not received, but on GoSELL it shows the order status as "successful delivery".

    Received products:

    Within 24 hours since the buyer received the products and orders shipped by the cooperative GoSELL shipping partners


    Unused products.

    The products suffer from the following problems.:

    + Defective/damaged/distorted/deformed/shelf life for less than 30 days at the time of delivery.

    + The order was delivered with wrong product, wrong order.

    + Products are markedly different from the published information: Wrong color, wrong size,

    Wrong product, lack of product.

    + Cancel an order before the seller confirms it.

    Receiving return/refund request:

    Use a registered email in a user account

    Contact to GoSELL’s customer service:

    Email: hotro@gosell.vn

    Hotline: 02873030800

    GoSELL and the seller are responsible for receiving complaints and assisting buyers in relation to transactions at the seller's website. When disputes arise, GoSELL upholds negotiating and conciliatory solutions between the parties. If the buyer complains to the seller to the competent authority, the buyer must proactively provide GoSELL with official notices from such agencies within 24 hours of receiving the products. GoSELL will suspend payments to sellers to ensure buyer's rights.

    In case the buyer complains to the seller to the competent authorities. Buyers need to provide GoSELL with official notifications from these agencies within 24 hours of receiving the products, to request a delay in payment to the seller. GoSELL respects and seriously implements the provisions of the law on protecting the rights of consumers.

    GoSELL is entitled to refuse a return/refund request in the following circumstances
    • Requests are sent to GoSELL 24 hours after receipt.
    • Products have been used, no longer as the receipt state.
    • Sellers and buyers themselves make their own purchases and transactions not through GoSELL.
    • The buyer changes his/her intention to buy the product for the subjective reason of the buyer.
    • Products that are prohibited or restricted from sale and shipping under GoSELL's delivery policy.
    • Cases where the buyer changed their purchasing intention.
    • Prohibited/restricted products for sale and transportation under GoSELL policies.
    • Other cases under GoSELL's relevant policies.

    Steps When Processing Return/Refund Requests
    • The request for return/refund will be decided by GoSELL on the basis of valid evidence, indicating that the request for return/refund is reasonable, sufficient basis.
    • This information must be emailed to GoSELL's customer service department.
    • The buyer email must be a registered email in a GoSELL account.
    • GoSELL will contact the seller via email or registered phone number in the GoSELL account.
    • Buyer complaint information will be sent by GoSELL to the seller via registered email.
    • If the buyer provides reasonable evidence but the seller does not respond or GoSELL has tried but is still unable to contact the seller within 48 hours (via email or phone number registered with GoSELL), GoSELL will refund the buyer and is not responsible for the possibility of the seller recovering the product.
    • If the buyer and seller transfer the money to each other (not through GoSELL's trading channel) and losses occur, GoSELL will not take the responsibility for settlement or compensation.
    • GoSELL has the right to remove, delete defective products, products different from descriptions or received products different from sold products, without notifying the seller after receiving complaints.

    Time for providing evidence
    • The buyer should provide valid evidence and the result of the agreement between the buyer and seller (if any) to GoSELL within 24 hours of the date of the complaint's arising.
    • Where the two parties agree on the return, there is no complaint: The buyer should send GoSELL proof that the products have been sent to the seller (the shipping slip) within 2 days from the time of arising the return/refund request.
    • In case the seller does not agree with the buyer's request for return/refund, the seller should submit a complaint to GoSELL proving that the buyer's claim is invalid within 48 hours of the date of incurred request for return/refund.

    Request proof
    • The evidence submitted to GoSELL must be clear, clearly showing the faulty part of the product, proving that the buyer has a reasonable basis to request a return.
    • Recommendation: Always take a picture of the parcel before receipt and after opening to save evidence of the condition of the parcel, serving the complaint processing (if necessary).
    Shipping in case of return

    GoSELL does not currently support return shipping. Buyers and sellers need to agree and agree on the form of shipping, as well as the party that will pay for the return shipping fee.

    Payment of orders with return and refund requirements
    • GoSELL will suspend payment to sellers of product value that arises for return/refund requests until a final conclusion is reached.
    • GoSELL will pay the seller (or refund the buyer) within 3-5 business days from the date of GoSELL's final conclusion.
    • The refund amount will be equal to 100% of the amount the buyer paid in the order, excluding shipping fees (if any).

    Refund Method and Time

    Through the bank account provided to GoSELL.

    For buyers:

    • After receiving the confirmation that the refund has been received from the seller.
    • The time is within 3-5 working days after confirmation.

    For sellers:

    • After receiving confirmation of receipt from the buyer.
    • The money will be sent on the next payment to the seller.

    Notice: If through the form of agreement still cannot resolve the conflict arising from the transaction, then GoSELL will turn to the competent legal authority to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties especially for customers..


    GoSELL does not support exchange – return for products on the following list for all cases

    List Products
    Electronic technology Products of the Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

    The product has been activated.

    Connected, stored products.

    Mother & baby Milk, meal powder, foods, drinks for mother and baby.

    Baby underwear, swimwear.

    Dry food All.
    Beauty and health Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfumes.
    Books, stationery Newspapers, magazines, articles.




    Fashion underwear, swimsuit, pajamas, suits, jewelry.
    Other products Promotional products, gifts.

    Purchases at offline events.

    Liquidation products.

    Products that are not acceptable in return are specified in certain supplier-specific product codes.

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