Professional Shipping Management

Professional Shipping Management

Optimizing costs, improving customer experience

Available integration with leading domestic and international shipping companies right on the website and sales app. Help improve the customer experience and trust by allowing them to freely choose a shipping companies and update their order status when shopping online.

Shipping Feature support for sellers
Manage the order delivery process with just a few simple steps
Safe - Fast - Convenient


Buyers are able to choose different shipping methods

Buyers are free to choose different shipping methods, providing the best shopping experience.
  • The system has already connected with reputable delivery shipping companies: GHN, GHTK, AhaMove, VNPost.
  • Meet a variety of delivery needs: fast delivery, bulky delivery, preferential price delivery by province / city / nationwide.
  • The system automatically suggests buyers the shipping companies with the lowest price, ensuring a good price for buyers.
  • Shipping methods are applied on the website, App platform, and orders from GoSOCIAL.
Shoppers are free to choose different shipping methods


Set custom shipping rates with self-shipping

Self-shipping with sellers with their own delivery teams enhances the customer's shopping experience.
  • Allow sellers to turn self-shipping on and off.
  • Set shipping fees from the inner city to the intercity in Vietnam.
  • Conditional charge settings by total value/weight/order size.
Set custom shipping rates with self-shipping


Automatically track and update delivery status

Easily track delivery status and ensure orders reach buyers in the expected time.
  • Create and print shipping request, delivery invoices simply and quickly.
  • Proactively monitor and track delivery status: Waiting for confirmation, waiting for pickup, delivering, delivered, canceled...
  • Update and promptly notify shoppers when the order has problems or delays in delivery.
Automatically track and update delivery status


Accurate and fast COD control

Collect cash, reconcile money accurately.
  • Identify the exact number of orders using the COD payment method.
  • Support displaying COD orders on shipping request and make invoices with COD shipping.
Accurate and fast COD control


International shipping integration

Cross-country delivery with international shipping.
  • Freedom to choose the region where international shipping applies with customs conditions and rules.
  • Set delivery fees depending on the region and value of the products.
International shipping integration

GoSELL software has integrated many shipping companies on the system to help you deliver orders to your customers as quickly as possible.
Not only shipping companies, but GoSELL also has a variety of payment methods, learn more payment methods here.