Order Management

Order Management

The Order Management feature allows you to handle all order-related processes on a single administration system, including confirmation, pickup, packaging, shipping, and after-sales support.

Order management features of GoSELL

Track and process a wide range of multi-channel,
multi-branch order information
Save time - increase management efficiency.


Order Initiation

Sellers can actively create orders for customers, helping to optimize order making time, limiting errors in the process.
  • Easily create orders manually or scan product barcodes on devices (computers, POS, mobile phones with the GoSELLER app, etc.).
  • Allows to create multiple orders at the same time by each different branch.
  • Create wholesale orders, apply discount codes, promo codes, and earn points with member customers.
  • Print invoices, shipping slips that display detailed information: order, sender, recipient, shipping unit, additional fees...
Order Initiation


Multi-channel bulk order processing

Synchronize and process orders from all channels at the same time, helping to save time, increase sales.
  • Synchronously manage and process multi-channel orders (Store, sales website, sales app, Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA, TikTok Shop) on the same single management system.
  • Allow adding / removing order labels to facilitate easier order management / sorting without altering the order status.new
  • Support to confirm customer signatures on receipt invoices.
Multi-channel bulk order processing


Order list management

Easily track and control the entire number of orders with just a few simple steps.
  • Easily track/filter/search orders by customer information, branch, order status, sales channel, discount code, responsible employee, payment /shipping method, order placement time, purchase code, and allow tagging - filtering orders by custom tags.new
  • Allow adding / removing order labels to facilitate easier order management / sorting without altering the order status.new
  • Allows reviewing, selecting, and exporting data from, multi-channel, and multi-branch orders at the same time for easy checking and reconciliation.
  • Displaying total orders and total revenue helps sellers keep track of their current business situation.
Order list management


Multi-branch order management

Building a scientific and comprehensive multi-branch management process helps save maximum time and costs.
  • Allows for managing and confirming orders at every branch on the system easily, limiting the risk of errors.
  • Easy to customize, modify branch information in order details.
  • Assist in comparing order status between branches to identify the best performing branches.
Multi-branch order management


Receivable Order Management

Support the implementation of receivable order with partners and agents through specific management processes.
  • Support businesses to create and accumulate multiple receivable order orders to pay in one go.
  • Quickly confirm when customers pay the receivable order.
  • Export receivable order details (customer name, order, product, amount, etc.).
  • Enable salespersons to confirm payment for customer orders with a debt under 0 VND (seller owes the buyer).new
Receivable Order Management


Return Order Management

Support to process return order quickly to avoid unexpected problems, handle them quickly to help bring customer satisfaction.
  • Create, manage information, confirm customer return orders, and automatically update inventory to limit the risk of loss of products and money.
  • Searching and filtering returns by order ID/return order, customer name, branch, refund, status, to helps optimize the accounting process.
  • Automatically update inventory and refund orders paid from PayPal.
Manage returns


Affiliate/ Reseller Order Management

Update and report orders by each affiliate/ resellers, helping businesses manage operation easilys.
  • Track the order status of affiliate/ resellers agents (total orders, approved orders, pending applications).
  • Notify when there is an order from an affiliate/ reseller agent.
  • Search, filter orders corresponding to each collaborator/sales agent easily.
  • Manage order reports from affiliate/ resellers agents.
Order Management Collaborator/Sales Agent

GoSELL helps you manage all orders from all sales channels on a single platform, saving time by eliminating the need to manage each sales channel separately.
Moreover, GoSELL also helps you manage the order details of each of your affiliate person, learn more about affiliate management right here.