Loyalty program

Loyalty program

"Weapons" to improve revenue greatly

The Loyalty feature helps you create multiple levels of membership and earn reward points, stimulate customer shopping behavior, improve service quality, and maintain loyalty from them, through increased sales and effective brand promotion.

Loyalty feature

Support sustained - stable - accelerated sales growth


Create levels for members

Create multiple membership levels with different incentives, supporting businesses with comprehensive sales growth.
  • Divide member ranks according to the cumulative value of customer purchases.
  • Customize each level's name, icon, membership class description, and benefits.
  • Automatically increase the membership level if the buyer satisfies the conditions that the seller has set.
Create levels for members


Create promotions for each membership level

Build promotions suitable for each membership level, help attract new customers and retain loyal ones.
  • Set up offers, promotions, and discounts suitable for each level.
  • Apply the discount to shopping members who pay for the second time in the store.
  • Support to classify customers by certain groups to create their own promotions: by customer information (registration date, tag, etc.), order information (total order, total amount, etc.), and by purchased product.
Create promotions for each membership level


Earn Member Points and Redeem Them for Purchases

Applied on many different platforms (stores, websites, sales apps, Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA, Facebook, Zalo, TikTok Shop) to stimulate customers to shop.
  • Allows sellers to set the reward point redemption level, reward point expiration time for member customers.
  • Display the accumulated points clearly for customers to easily track and redeem them.
  • Automatically accumulate points for customers every time a transaction is successful.
  • Let store owners customize the conditions for redeeming points, or the maximum number of points that customers can redeem per order.
Earn Member Points and Redeem Them for Purchases

The loyalty feature helps build a reward point accumulation system, ranking members based on many different criteria, to stimulate customers' shopping behavior.
In addition, you can also help customers make purchases and earn points extremely conveniently on the GoAPP sales app, please refer to more information here.