Broadcast Livestream for Direct Sales

Broadcast Livestream for Direct Sales

Improve closing rate

Livestream is a live video streaming activity that sellers often use to introduce, display products and close orders with viewers. GoSELL's livestream support feature is suitable for all industries, helping to get more orders and improve sales quickly.

Livestream application in online business

Huge interaction - Easy to close orders - Exploding revenue


Livestream directly on GoMUA homepage using GoSELLER App

Help sellers introduce products/services to viewers and increase sales rates on livestream without spending any money.
  • Anyone can join the stream without having to download an app or sign up to create an account.
  • Allows saving or deleting the livestream videos on GoMUA so that buyers can review and select products to buy easily.
  • Order products and make online payments directly during the livestream without interruption.
  • The comment feature makes it easier for sellers to interact with viewers.
Livestream directly on GoMUA homepage using GoSELLER App


Add products in the livestream

Stimulate the shopping demands of buýe when introducing new products or extremely attractive promotions.
  • Flexibly choose products and the number of products to be sold during the livestream.
  • Easily add products to the livestream in many different ways (ready-made in the Product Management section, surf on the product list section and select the product you want to display...).
  • Re-list the selected products so that sellers can check before starting a live stream.
  • Easily change the products you want to sell based on the actual evaluation results of the livestream.
Add products in the livestream


Product Inventory Management in Livestream

Easily check the inventory quantity of each product, products in stock / out of stock during the livestream.
  • Continuously update the inventory quantity of each product for easy tracking by sellers.
  • Automatically update inventory when buyers put products in the cart or complete order payment right in the livestream.
  • Notify both buyers and sellers when products are out of stock.
Product Inventory Management in Livestream


Order Management on Livestream

Process orders in livestream quickly and accurately, minimizing buỷe order errors.
  • Allow buyers to make their own orders right on the livestream.
  • The system will notify the seller when the buyer places an order right during the livestream.
  • All orders will be automatically stored on the GoSELL management system, convenient for management.
Order Management on Livestream

Not only helps businesses reach and interact with customers easily and increase sales quickly through sales livestream.
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