Create Listing Page

Create Listing Page

Increase customer conversion rates

For products/services that cannot be purchased directly through the shopping cart, a listing page will be the bridge between the seller and the customer. In addition to buying and ordering directly on websites, sales apps and e-commerce sites, there are categories that require direct contact with sellers to get advice and prices. Therefore, creating a listing page will also help customers easily see all information of products and services and more convenient to contact the seller.

Create a listing page for your online store

Creative design - brand exposure


Customize listing page interface

Design and change listing page interface elements easily and quickly.
  • Freely create theme templates as you like by changing page theme elements easily just by drag-and-drop.
  • Diverse interface store suitable for many different industries and fields.
Customize listing page interface


Flexibility Hide product/service prices

Hiding the price of your product or service will give you a price advantage over your competitors.
  • Allows uploading products/services but does not show prices.
  • Easily install CTA button on the interface (Call button, send a message, contact Fanpage,...).
Flexibility Hide product/service prices


Supports a variety of contact methods

Help save contact time for customers and increase the rate of reaching more leads who are genuinely interested in the product.
  • Display contact information of branches/stores: address, phone number, Facebook and Zalo information, email,...
  • Allows mapping address of your store to the contact page.
  • Save and store customer information in the most detailed way into the CRM system.
Supports a variety of contact methods

Not only is the product information introduction page, the listing website is also a bridge to help you advise customers in detail about the strengths of the product to increase the ability to persuade customers more.
In addition to creating a listing page for product advice, GoSELL also helps you bring products to potential buyers online through the standard e-commerce website, learn more about this website right here.