With GoSELLER Smart Apps

GoSELLER is a management application for sellers on the phone that track and manages multiple specific goals (orders, products, services, suppliers,...). Through the App, you can actively administrate, keep track of the operation process, monitor staff instantly and precisely anytime, anywhere.



Operating Business System all in a Phone


Create Products / Product Collections

Create new products/products collections anytime, anywhere to bring the most convenience to sellers.
  • Allows the creation of new products with detailed information (Product name, image, price, tax, and product classification).
  • Performing tasks on the product flexibly (update, adjust, or delete the product).
  • Freely choose the product pre-deposit feature to avoid not receiving goods or changing opinions at the last minute.
  • Allows adding wholesale prices for resellers or customers who buy products in large quantities.
  • Allows the creation of new products with detailed information (Product name, image, price, IMEI code, SKU code, barcode, tax, and product classification).
  • Create product collections right on GoSELLER app, making it easier for customers to search for their products.
  • Use a priority filter to define product’s priority location within all products or collections.
Create Products / Product Collections


Product Management

Apply smart management methods, saving a maximum amount of time and time and human resources for businesses.
  • Manage products easier by barcode, SKU, and IMEI code.
  • Synchronize and manage products on multi-platform (Store, Sales Website and App, Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA,...)..
  • Filter products by: status, sales channel, platform, branch, and collection.
  • Search or edit products by barcode or product name.
Product Management


Scanning Product/Customer Barcode

Help managers save time and effort in managing products and customers.
  • Barcodes are generated automatically by the system or by scanning the product’s available barcode.
  • Barcodes help track inventory, product details, and products' import and export processes.
  • Via barcodes, sellers could obtain customers' personal information, purchase history, accumulated points, and membership rank.
  • Scan barcodes to search for product/customer easily with GoSELLER App.
Scanning Product/Customer Barcode


Order creation

Create orders quickly, shortening customer waiting times.
  • Create a new order on GoSELLER App with just 3 simple steps (select a product, fill out the order information, and it is completed).
  • Allows creating multiple orders simultaneously by multiple branches.
  • Allows creating orders easily by scanning product barcodes right on a GoSELLER- installed smartphone.
  • Create wholesale orders, apply discount codes, and promotion codes, or earn points with member customers.
Order creation


Order Management

Easily track and control the entire multi-channel orders, saving managers time and manpower, reducing errors.
  • Manage orders in detail (customer name, phone number, address, product list, number of orders, delivery fees,...).
  • Track orders’ status (Waiting for confirmation, in process, or completed), return orders and debt orders in the most detailed way.
  • Manage multi-branch, multi-platform orders easily (Store, Website, Sales App, Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA)
  • Search for orders by keyword or by scanning their barcode.
  • Allows filtering orders by specific time periods.
  • Save all order history for quick reconciliation and for downloading down data to inspect the number of orders by month.
Order Management


Set up and print orders quickly

Support to set up detailed order information and quickly print it to help customers easily compare.
  • Supports printer connection via Bluetooth or wifi to help print invoices quickly and
  • Support to set up detailed order information before printing, such as: store information, customer information, shipping information, order information, order summary, service provider name, order note row, signature, and creation
  • Supports printing receipts in two different sizes: K80 and
  • Allows printing of orders from the GoSELL and GoMUA


Customer information management

Is the foundation to implement email marketing campaigns, Landing Page, and push notifications that motivate both new customers and available customers to continue shopping.
  • Create an account for customers to save purchase history and accumulate points.
  • Add information about new customers (Full name, phone number, address, date of birth, Email, tags...).
  • Collect and save customer information from multiple channels (Website/ Sales App, Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA, Landing Page,...) or by branch.
  • Segmentize customers easily (according to customer information, orders, purchased products, purchase forms,...)
  • Filter and search for customers easily by segments (name, phone number, Email, platform, branch,...)
Customer information management


Booking service management

Customers are free to choose a time frame and branch to use the service, extremely convenient, and no need to wait in line
  • Display detailed booking information (Booking code, booking time, customer information, total payment, payment method,...).
  • Confirm customer information by barcode to increase professionalism and speed up the process of receiving customer information.
  • Allows searching for customer appointments by booking code, customer name, phone number, or customer barcode.
  • Filter booking lists by status (Waiting for confirmation, confirmed, completed, or canceled) or by time, making it easy to search and avoid missed bookings.
Booking service management


Warehouse Management

Help manage warehouses fast and accurately on just one single management platform of GoSELL.
  • Simple warehouse management with barcode system, SKU code, IMEI code.
  • Synchronize and manage multi-channel inventory (Stores, Sales Website, Sales App, POS, e-commerce platforms, Zalo, Facebook,...)
  • Easy to search and acknowledge inventory fluctuations in the general depot and branches.
  • Automatically update inventory whenever the quantity fluctuates.
  • Using filters that show statistics of low in-stock products to import them in time
  • Monitor and review the entire shipping/import history to avoid loss of products.
  • Allows cross-reconciliation between warehouses when circulating products.
Warehouse Management


Supplier Management

Manage all supplier-related activities in a more detailed and accurate fashion than input data with Excel.
  • Easily create new or delete suppliers.
  • Update / Modify supplier information (phone number, name, address, classification...)
  • Review the transaction history and debts between suppliers and businesses in no time.
  • Adjust and pay off debts with suppliers much easier.
  • Sort the list of suppliers in the order of priorities you desire.
  • Search/filter suppliers by conditions (Code, name, phone, status, branch)
Supplier Management


Products Import Management

Allows track and check the entire import process in the most detailed and accurate way.
  • Allows sellers to easily manage orders on the GoSELLER app (order code, time, supplier units, total payment, taxes, payment status,...).
  • Automatically update inventory after successful importation.
  • Allows multi-branch order management on the system.
  • Easily search for orders according to time and branch,...
  • Authorize warehouse staff to edit the warehouse import entry and examine which staff is the products’ recipient and confirm the import order on the system.
Products Import Management


Facebook And Zalo Synchronization

A solution to connect and synchronize 5 Facebook Fanpages and 1 Zalo OA to reach more customers and generate more sales.
  • Sync all messages from Facebook and Zalo to a single admin platform.
  • Directly Response to messages on the GoSELL system, saving customers from waiting long hours for feedback.
  • Easily categorize and review customer notes based on shopping information, and orders.
  • Directly save customers’ phone numbers and addresses in the chat box.
Products Import Management


GoSELLER App Livestream Selling

Introduce products/services to viewers and increase sales rates on Livestream.
  • Automate the Livestream selling process on GoSELLER App (Customers order products - Orders then sent to the system - Sellers confirm orders - in the progress of packaging and delivery)
  • Easily add products onto Livestream in various forms (pre-made in product management, browse the product list section, and select the product you want to display,...).
  • Double check the list of selected products so sellers can check again before Livestream selling.
  • The comments feature makes it easier for sellers to interact with customers.
  • Display notifications to sellers whenever an order emerged during Livestream.
GoSELLER App Livestream Selling


Revenue Report Analysis

Intuitive and detailed revenue reports of multichannel sales help you grasp the business situation of your online store fast and accurately.
  • Allows tracking accounting indicators on the report (profit, gross profit, average value of orders, total number of orders, delivery fee, discount, total capital).
  • View the report in different timelines (today, yesterday, this week, this month,...).
  • Display sales performance according to each sales channel, branch, platform, or social network.
  • Statistics of the best-selling products in each specific period.
  • Report each staff's sales revenue, making it easier to create a list of rewards.
Revenue Report Analysis


Cashbook Management new

Helps you manage revenue and expenditure activities as well as cash flow fluctuations with optimal precision. new
  • Grasping the start and end-of-term balance, total revenue, and closing balance in detail. new
  • Create receipts in the cashbook for orders with successful payment.
  • Support searching and filtering transactions by branch, cost type, revenue type, sender/recipient group, sender/recipient name, and payment method,...
Cashbook Management

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customer reviews

Mr. Ninh Phú

CEO of Bao An Cosmetic Dentistry

“When I learned about GoSELL I was very excited and looking forward to experiencing Web and App booking services. GoSELL also helps me manage customer appointments very scientifically, checking the customer list is very simple. Thank you GoSELL..”

customer reviews

Ms. Hoàng Anh

Director of Ying Detox Company

“I'm using Gosell's Website to support multichannel business management within the country. I've also thought about international business but found it quite difficult because of the language, shipping and payment barriers. But with this new feature of GoSELL, I can completely easily and confidently bring my product to the international market..”

customer reviews

Ms. Kim Thuỳ

Owner of Shyne Lounge Beauty Spa

“Since I use GoSELL's services, the spa is more well known and trusted by customers, it's easier to book skincare service – anytime, and I can understand the needs of my clients..”

customer reviews

Ms. Thanh Tuyền

Management of VIET BEAUTY Ltd. Company

“GoSELL has helped VIET BEAUTY diversify its sales channels and manage our business effectively, and revenue is constantly growing..”

customer reviews

Ms. Như Lan

Owner of Pick Beauty Cosmetics

“As a cosmetics supplier, I used to struggle to find business solutions, until I found GoSELL. I can now easily create my own website to reach online customers. I'm always confident in the quality of my products, so I'd love to export them. Therefore, I will use GoSELL's new feature to bring my products to the international market.."

customer reviews

Ms. Tiểu Nhi

Owner of Nhi Angel Cosmetics Store

"Since transforming business from Offline to Online, I have only used one GoSELL app without collaborating with another unit. Thanks to GoSELL, I did it.."

customer reviews

Ms. Tuệ Tâm

Owner Happy Food

"GoSELL integrates marketing management tools, gathering information to take care of customers in a single app. GoSELL is one of the tools that can accompany and support businesses. Help my business increase sales and expand customers."

customer reviews

Ms. Hữu Ái

Owner of Toloco Healthcare Center

"GoSELL is a platform that transforms my business form into consistent and effective. The market is a battlefield. You need to change to keep up with the trend. You have to change to win.."

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