GoSELLER - Sales management application,
accessible anytime, anywhere on your phone

GoSELLER - Sales management application, accessible anytime, anywhere on your phone

You can monitor various business activities, including order management, customer relations, and product handling, across multiple channels and branches, all with the convenience of a single phone-anytime, anywhere.

What is GoSELLER app?

The GoSELLER app helps you manage all sales activities for offline and online stores (websites, sales apps, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, GoMUA, Facebook, Zalo) directly on your smartphone.

Manage your business effortlessly right on your mobile device

Easy appointment scheduling management

Track and confirm customer appointments directly on the sales application.

Process orders in just a few steps

Allows you to create and handle orders quickly with just a few taps.

Sales management on Facebook, Zalo

Connect with Fanpage Facebook and Zalo OA to manage messages and placing orders quickly on chatbox.

Convenient and fast payment

Integrated payment methods such as cash, bank transfer, and POS facilitate quick and tidy transactions.

Don't miss any updates

Your inventory status and orders will be managed and updated automatically on the GoSELLER app.

Sales reports at your fingertips

With just a smartphone equipped with the GoSELLER app, you can view revenue and profit/loss reports anytime, anywhere.

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To manage business operations more easily

Transform your phone into an excellent sales management tool

Learn about the outstanding features that the GoSELLER sales management application brings to you right below.

Are you using multiple omnichannel business management software at the same time, leading to errors, data loss?

Centralized sales data management

  • Sync sales information between the store and the website, sales app, Facebook, Zalo, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, GoMUA management on the sales application, and vice versa.
  • Allows you to flexibly perform product updates and edits right on the app.
  • Monitor the multi-channel, multi-branch business operations remotely with just a smartphone connected to the internet.

All order statuses are automatically updated directly on the GoSELLER app

Helps you track and update real-time details of the order status


Receiving and packing goods according to standards.

Warehouse fulfillment

Dispatch packaged goods to the shipping carrier.

Being delivered

The shipping carrier receives the order and delivers it to the customer's address.

Completed delivery

The order has been delivered to the customer's hands.

Return of goods

The customer has received the product and returned it to you.

Uploading a batch of products consumes a lot of your time, especially when you are managing multi-channel businesses, doesn't it?

Optimize the product management process right on your phone

  • Create unlimited products with details such as name, price, description, etc. right on the sales app.
  • Update information and synchronize across various sales channels effortlessly on the GoSELLER app and vice versa
  • Allows you to generate product barcodes automatically through the system or scan existing barcodes for accurate inventory management.

Can't keep track of the quantity of goods in stock to provide advice to customers?

Accurately grasp the quantity of goods

  • Allows you to manage inventory simply and efficiently with a barcode system, SKU codes, and IMEI codes.
  • Accurately synchronize inventory data from multiple channels (store, website, sales app, POS, e-commerce platforms, Zalo, Facebook, etc.) to a single platform.
  • Any fluctuation in the quantity of goods in stock will automatically update in real time, helping you stay informed about product statuses and provide feedback to customers.

Does manually creating orders in Excel lead to many errors and information confusion?

Create and process orders with just a few simple steps

  • All orders from multiple branches and platforms will be centrally managed in one place.
  • Update the status of each order, including returns and debt orders, in real time, providing detailed information.
  • Process and track the status of orders from various sales channels in one central location.

Are you unable to keep track of all activities related to suppliers?

A professional supplier management process

  • Create and organize a new supplier list in the priority order you desire
  • Flexibly adjust and settle accounts payable with suppliers in a transparent and clear manner.
  • Transaction history and outstanding balances between you and the supplier can be reviewed at any time.

Do you want to build a professional sales affiliate system but don't know how?

Build a multi-level affiliate partnership model

  • Easily manage and track the affiliate account system on a single platform.
  • Accurately manage commissions, orders, and customers for each affiliate directly on the GoSELLER app.
  • Allow setting up notifications when there are orders from affiliates, helping you be more proactive in tracking orders from affiliates.

Do you sell on Facebook and Zalo but don't know how to manage it on your phone?

Manage chatbox and create Facebook/Zalo orders directly on the app

  • Allows you to connect with your Fanpage and Zalo store to manage customer messages without missing any.
  • You can create orders directly within the chat window to boost sales efficiency.
  • Effortlessly configure automated messaging campaigns for a seamless customer experience

Do not know how to sell via Livestream?

Livestream selling on the GoSELLER app

  • You can add products to your livestream in various ways to provide customers with options for reference and selection.
  • Before starting the live broadcast, you can recap the list of selected products.
  • The commenting feature will facilitate easy interaction between you and customers. Additionally, you'll receive real-time notifications for new orders during the livestream session.

Besides, GoSELLER also support optimize the in-store sales process right on your phone

With just a phone connected to the internet, you can manage sales anytime, anywhere.

  • Scan barcode by camera
  • Select multiple products at once
  • One-touch payment

Monitor sales reports and cash flow activities accurately at your fingertips

Visual reporting charts:

Provide clear and visually appealing reports in chart form to help you easily track sales situations and compare business performance across different branches and sales channels.

Analysis - Detailed report

Provides you with an overall picture of the business situation, profits and losses, debts, employees, etc., across multiple channels and branches, helping you make the most informed business plans.

Petty cash and debt management

Helps track revenue and expenses arising from transactions such as sales, purchases, product returns, and debts. Simultaneously, maintains precise control over the entire cash flow and debts.