Integrated multichannel customer management virtual hotline.

Understand customers to the finest detail to optimize the effectiveness of each call!

GoCALL is the virtual hotline solution directly integrated with GoSELL's comprehensive multichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With features such as line distribution, recording, and intelligent and user-friendly call reporting, it enables your Telesales team to optimize the process of product consultation and multichannel customer care. This, in turn, provides an excellent experience for customers when interacting with the brand—enhancing sales efficiency, expanding the market, and boosting revenue.

Upgrade the quality of "sales closing" calls and customer care with multiple features

GoCALL helps you monitor and evaluate the quality of calls for each customer, optimizing the sales efficiency of your Telesales team.

Call line distribution

Divide unlimited number of call lines with only 01 hotline number, suitable for all large companies, many offices to increase brand reputation and manage each incoming / outgoing call.

Call recording

Automatically record all calls with a capacity of up to tens of GB to help you monitor, manage call quality and efficiency of Telesales staff.

Employee permission management

Decentralize data and take care of customers or specific target groups for employees according to tags, ensuring efficiency and fairness, limiting duplication that annoys customers.

Absolute security

The system with a closed process ensures that call information, customer data are confidential, absolutely not leaked out or to your competitors.

Integrate multiple solutions for better business and customer care

GoCALL can synchronize all multichannel sales information from various GoSELL solutions, making it easy for you to develop sustainable relationships with customers, increase purchase likelihood, upselling, and repeat purchases, allowing you to break through revenue barriers.

Synchronize sales information

Easily track all information about your orders, warehouses and products from the OAO omnichannel sales system at one management platform, helping Telesales quickly capture information and advise, providing full information to customers.

Create an order on call

Connected to the GoPOS sales management system, GoCALL helps you quote directly and initiate orders right during the call, increasing the shopping experience quickly for customers.

Instantly store customer information

The operation of creating new customer information is simple, fast and updated in real time, helping you save time entering data and can be done right on the call, avoiding wrong information, missing data.

Manage grouping of customer calls

Allow full update of call status: Success/Fail/Rejection, to have an effective lead grouping management strategy, help you not miss customers, arrange appropriate callback assignments.

Improve the quality of customer service

Store every call and customer data, help you deeply understand shopping needs to increase personalized experience when consulting, suggest suitable products for them, promote immediate buying.

Implement a better marketing strategy

Analyze and evaluate the quality of calls from customer feedback and reviews to conduct training, improve customer service over the phone to make your marketing strategy more effective.

Visual reports, monitor effectiveness directly

Track performance and quickly capture the quality of customer care of each employee right at the GoCALL admin screen.

Quantity-based reporting

Capture the performance of Telesales staff in terms of the number of outgoing/incoming calls in a certain period of time to closely monitor work efficiency.

Filter quickly by status

Capture successful calls to analyze, evaluate and improve the quality of your customer service over the phone.

Analyze call quality

Can track and control call duration information, lead grouping/closing sales and other tags for the best call marketing strategy.

Own a high-quality Telesales hotline now with just a few simple steps

Register for use

You must register for the basic packages such as GoAPP, GoWEB, etc., before using GoCALL.

Connect the hotline number

Point the hotline number to distribute call lines among staff.

Customer Support and Sales

Deploy operations immediately, Calling -Care - Sales.

Build a professional telesales team and improve customer service with GoCALL today!

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