Freedom to creatively design
a versatile e-Commerce app your way

Simple yet standout design with a distinctive touch

Just by dragging and dropping, you can easily customize the components in the interface to create a sales app with full e-Commerce features. This not only brings convenience in management but also an opportunity to create your own colors for your brand, helping customers remember you more.

Smooth experience, compatible with all operating systems

The app is compatible on both Android and iOS operating systems. This allows you to create a consistent user experience while increasing the convenience and flexibility of communicating with customers in an increasingly digital and diverse world.

Deliver the most convenient and satisfying shopping experience for customers

"Mini" store model

Online stores are present right on customers' phones, making orders quickly-conveniently.

Diverse payment and shipping methods

Available links with many reputable shipping units and a variety of payment methods, improving customer experience.

Synchronize member points

Earn points-upgrade members automatically, attracting customers back to shop.

Receive promotional notifications

Customers can easily receive and update your notifications of new products and promotions right on the phone screen.

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Boost sales with the affiliate system integrated directly into the e-Commerce app

Zero-cost marketing by leveraging your existing customer base, turning them into sales partners for your business!

  • You can set up a single-level or multi-level affiliate system with a variety of commission discounts easily. The system will help you control your affiliate's orders and commissions intuitively.

  • Allow customers to experience shopping right on your app through the affiliate's marketing link and immediately collect customer information, helping you reduce the risk of losing customers when the Collaborator stops cooperating.

Boost sales with tools that facilitate quick "sales closing"

Livestream directly on your own brand's app

Engage directly-easily close deals!

  • Set up livestream quickly

    Easily install livestream with just a few steps and notify livestream to a series of customers through quick push notifications.

  • Easy interaction

    Customers can easily chat with you, choose the product they like, put it in the cart and buy directly on livestream.

  • Professional management

    Confirm orders and process bills of lading quickly right after the livestream.

Increase profits and enhance competitiveness with wholesale pricing

Own a retail and wholesale e-Commerce app while maintaining a professional approach. With GoAPP, you can set up various wholesale pricing structures with different discount mechanisms, applying personalized approaches to each customer segment for easy upselling.

Unlimited push notifications - Zero-cost marketing

Consistently send messages to customers' phone screens, facilitating upselling and brand building

Easily schedule promotions and offers to customers.

Automatically wish customers happy birthday.

Automatically send messages to customers who install the app for the first time.

Automatically remind customers when an application has been made but has not been completed.


Boost demand with the "Buy X get Y" program

Flexibly implement cross-product gift programs, address inventory issues, or introduce new products

  • Create incentives and drive customer purchases.

  • Increase opportunities for cross-selling, upselling products.

  • Improve order value and sales.

  • Attract new customers, retain old ones.

Encourage repeat purchases, buy more to apply discount codes

Easy to set up and flexibly set discount code conditions by product, order total, freeship, etc. apply to new customers, acquired customers or specific groups to increase motivation to close orders and bring the most convenient shopping experience right on the app.

Explode sales with the flash sale program

Freely build flash sale programs on your own app without having to depend on any platform. Create a habit of hunting sales, closing orders for customers right on your application-exploding revenue-branding-customer retention.

Bring your products closer to consumers and make them your loyal customers!

Automate customer data collection and centralize management

Customers register an account and make purchases on the app, all will be automatically collected information and stored details.

In-depth customer analytics

Analyze customers by purchase behavior and demographics.

Target customer segmentation

Easily categorize customers into separate audience groups based on customer information, purchase history, purchased products etc.

Establishing reward points programs

Earn points and manage offers smoothly on the app with membership cards. Turn points into attractive offers to keep customers coming back to shop.

Create attractive discount codes

Freedom to create and manage discount campaign deadlines. Discount code details are displayed right during the checkout process, providing a convenient shopping experience for customers.

Flash sale-Grab the bargain quickly

Keep both new and returning customers coming back to shop in your store with flash sales in no time.

Push notifications

Send messages, new product information, promotions, events to customers with completely free and unlimited Push Notification campaigns.

Email marketing

Deliver personalized email messages to your customer list to increase engagement, promote products, and build close relationships with customers.

Zalo ZNS and SMS

Send messages, promotions, notifications to customers via Zalo and SMS.

Not just a branded e-Commerce app

GoAPP also helps you manage and synchronize multichannel sales information (stores/branches, website, app, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, GoMUA, Facebook, Zalo).

  • Synchronize products

    Allows you to synchronize products with all other sales channels, providing an accurate and optimal management process.

  • Synchronize orders

    Centralized order processing with channels in a single place, ensuring the fastest performance and processing time for customers.

  • Synchronize inventory

    Warehouses are synchronized with all channels, automatically subtracting inventory accurately in real time.

  • Synchronize customers

    Customer data is collected and managed centrally, easily creating appropriate marketing and customer care campaigns.

Implement intelligent business strategies through visual reports

Analyze multichannel sales reports

Help you accurately track sales performance in each separate sales channel, so that you can compare and offer appropriate solutions to improve and optimize business processes.

Track top-selling and slow-moving items

Know the products that are selling well to plan to increase imports and sales growth. At the same time, it also helps you know which items have low consumption, thereby having a timely solution.

Monitor employee performance

Identify high-performing in-store employees through employee sales rankings. As a result, you can proactively develop the right reward and punishment policy.

“It was GoSELL that helped us on our journey to build and grow our brand as well as expand our market etc.”

Mr. Huu Dat

Representative of Thien An Cordyceps Co., Ltd

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