Effective employee management

Effective employee management

Accurately evaluate work performance

The Employee Management feature helps businesses control all employee activities at branches. At the same time, manage the time and productivity of each employee easily and accurately.

Build a professional employee management process

Transparency - Accuracy - Improve employee performance


Add new and decentralize employees

There is no need to enter too much information, with just a few simple steps, you can successfully add and assign employees.
  • Allows to perform tasks (create/delete employees, edit access, expand/shrink employee permissions easily).
  • Allow freedom to choose working branches for each employee, decentralize each employee in charge of specific work groups.
Add New Staffs With Easy Steps


Granular employee hierarchy list control

Accurately recognize and strictly control the work of each employee, support the development of a transparent reward process.
  • Unauthorized employees will not be able to access or see pre-installed or confidential business information.
  • Display employee names in order details, helping to identify the performance and sales results of each employee.
  • Update the top employees with good sales revenue to easily make a reward list.
Review And Control the employee Decentralization Lists thoroughly

Always ensure transparency in the management process when decentralizing and limiting permissions to each of your employees.
Not only in the process of managing but when taking care of and interacting with customers, you can also assign customers to specific care staff, learn more about this feature on the GoSOCIAL solution right away.