Stimulate Shopping Habit With Discount Code Feature

Stimulate Shopping Habit With Discount Code Feature

Help build effective business and marketing strategies

Give your customers a reason to buy, be loyal, and come back to buy from you by creating discount codes in various forms, to sell more goods, stimulate shopping, and increase sales quickly.

Batch discount code generation feature

Stimulate customers to shop - increase sales revenue


Create a variety of product / service discount codes

Allows easy and fast creation of product/service discount codes, which speeds up the customer's shopping process.
  • Create flexible product/service discount codes in multiple forms (% of product value, fixed amount, free shipping, maximum discount amount) and according to different time frames.
  • Create discount codes according to your product's exclusive offers, promotions, and unit-based discount campaigns.
  • Propose and customize the visibility of discount codes in the shopping cart on the customer's website or app purchasing
  • Display discount code details during the customer's checkout process.
Create a variety of product / service discount codes


Set up discount code conditions

Easily set up conditions for customers to apply discount codes in a personalized way, making it easy for sellers to stimulate the right people at the right time.
  • Apply discount codes according to each customer group (customer information, number of orders, products purchased, total revenue) or by applicable platform.
  • Set up discount codes by product with applicable conditions (minimum quantity, minimum amount).
  • Customize your customer's discount code usage limit.
  • Depending on your business strategy, you can flexibly apply discount codes individually to each store or sales channel.
  • Easily stimulate demand by limiting discount codes to certain time frames.
Set up discount code conditions


Filter / Search / Build Marketing Strategy With Discount Codes

Track and send discount codes to customers through various marketing tools.
  • Display all information about discount codes (program name, time, activity status,...).
  • Allows to find discount codes by promotion, classification (product, service) or status (scheduled, running, ended).
  • Send discount codes to customers or groups of customers through email, push notifications on sales apps, landing pages marketing discount codes.
Filter / Search / Build Marketing Strategy With Discount Codes

With GoSELL, you can create a variety of discount codes by percentage, amount, free shipping for different customer groups and sales channels.
At the same time, send the generated discount codes to the exact target audience via email marketing, ensuring a speedy remarketing and revenue breakthrough, more information about this feature here.