With Full Suite Of Data, You Will Be Able To

Identify buyers’ habits

Learn what your visitors do on your website to know their needs and expectations. This in turn would help you design better product content and images, and put products together to be of optimum utility to the customers, drawing them closer to your store.

Identify buyers’ habits

Know your store performance

Monitor your store and compare your metrics with other stores in the industry to see how competitive your store is. Then figure out plans to outperform them and lead the market.

Also, analyse keywords for better use and efficiency to drive more traffic and business opportunities.

Know your store performance


Unique visitors and page views

Show how many unique visitors and how many pages they clicked into.

Number of inquiries

Show the numbers of request you get for more information or orders for products.

Most viewed products

Indicate which of your products are the most popular.

Most searched products

Understand buyers’ habit which will lead to more inquiries.


Keywords Analysis Tool

Keywords Analysis Tool

Discover which keywords your potential buyers frequently use.

Capture buyers’ search habits and allow you to see how different words are performing.

Performing and Non-performing Product Tool

Performing and Non-performing Product Tool

List out product performance in your storefront.

Check corresponding performance.

Decide which to optimise.

Review no performance product and optimise products names, keywords, images, descriptions and more.

Visitor Analysis Tool

Visitor Analysis Tool

Track and record information from visitors.

Further analyse high-potential target markets.


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