Omnichannel Customer Management

Omnichannel Customer Management

Save and segment customer information comprehensively

CRM features help you save and manage customer information from many different channels on a single administration system. Easily segment customers, support sales, customer service, and Marketing / Remarketing.

Solve the problem of multi-channel customer management

Improving customer service quality - sustainable sales growth


Centralized Management and Security of Customer Information

All customer information will be saved and managed on a single platform. Reduce lose customer data compared to traditional management.
  • Allows creating and storing all customer data (full name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, bank account, ID card, company name, tax code,...) in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Automatically collect and synchronize multi-channel customer information (store, website, sales app, Lazada, Shopee, GoMUA, TikTok Shop, Facebook, Zalo,...).
  • Customise adding/removing columns of information in customer management session.
  • Easily search customer information by: Full name, email, phone number, address, company name or tax code.
  • Allow customers to use international email to sign up for an account, and select one of the phone numbers/email on file at checkout.
  • Allows importing customer debts, including debts not in the GoSELL system.
Centralized Management and Security of Customer Information


Customer Segmentation Setting

Support the implementation of Marketing strategies (push notifications, Email marketing,..), customer service to reach the right potential customers.
  • Segment customers by customer information (date of registration, customer tags, installation applications).
  • Segment customers by order information (total order, total amount, total order delivered).
  • Segment customers by products purchased.
Customer Segmentation Setting


Create separate campaigns for each customer group

Stimulate customer shopping behavior and retain customers effectively.
  • Allows installation of points, discounts, offers, promotions,... for each customer group.
  • Automatically apply the appropriate campaign if customer satisfies the conditions had set.
Create separate campaigns for each customer group


Filter/search/download customer list quickly

Easily filter customers bought by frequency, recency or have not bought for a long time.
  • Easily search customer information based on detailed data (full name, email, phone number, address, company name, tax ID, collaborator, assigned employee).new
  • Filter customer lists by different criteria (sales channels, branches, group, debt, affiliate/reseller,...).
  • Easily import and export customer lists with Excel files.
Filter/search/download customer list quickly


Customer statistics and analytics

Detailed statistics of customer behavior on the online store (website / sales app).
  • Statistics on the number of customers who have visited the sales website / app and the number of customers registered for membership at a certain time frame, helping you accurately track the conversion rate of customers.
  • Statistics on the number of active/inactive customers and the number of customers returning to your store (website/sales app) during the time period you set.
  • Analyze customer shopping behavior based on the number of customers who have not yet placed an order, made a purchase, or have not completed an order in each specific time period.
  • Customer analysis based on criteria: revenue, buying platform, sales channel, salesperson, age/location/membership level of the customer,...
Customer statistics and analytics


Decentralize Customer Service Staff

Providing timely customer care and delivering the best quality of services to customers
  • Assign staff responsible for managing each customer to provide the best service.
  • Save calls history when customer service staff call customer to help improve the quality of customer service (GoCALL).
Decentralize Customer Service Staff

Now you can simplify collecting, storing information and grouping customers to build the right marketing/remarketing campaigns with a multi-utility CRM system.
Besides, the CRM system also connects with Email marketing feature to help you convey messages to the right target customers, market the brand and increase outstanding sales, find out more here.