Rapid omnichannel product management

Rapid omnichannel product management

Save time - Improve business performance

How do you control and manage multi-channel products from online to offline easily and accurately? With GoSELL, it's all simpler than ever with smart and flexible product management, allowing sellers to create products in bulk at the same time and track all omnichannel product details on a single management platform. Thereby, quickly respond to product status with customers.

Omni-channel product management sync feature

Accurate management - Save time - Increase profits


Create new products quickly

Just create products once on GoSELL, and the system will automatically synchronize to other sales channels (stores, websites, sales apps, social networks, e-commerce floors), saving time and effort for sellers.
  • Allows creating new products with detailed information (name, description, price and classification, units, stake, attributes, etc.) and SEO keyword settings.
  • Perform actions on imported products: Update, add, edit, or delete products.
Create new products quickly


Create a product collection

Make it easy for customers to search and identify products by their characteristics.
  • Create collections with product names, images, and price conditions manually or automatically update them with set conditions.
  • Collection SEO support helps increase product visibility on popular search toolbars.
Create a product collection


Search / filter products

Speed up the product search process, increase the shopping experience.
  • Search for products by: Name, barcode, or SKU.
  • Filter products/product collections by: affiliate, platform, sales channel, and status.
  • Allows prioritization for all products.
  • Support updating / exporting the list of all products or wholesale products according to Excel files.
Search / filter products


Set up product prices

Make the process of managing and updating product prices faster and simpler.
  • Set up/customize product prices (list price, selling price, product original price) after a successful import.
  • Set up taxes for each type of item (VAT, sales tax, import tax, or where taxes need to apply).
  • Set up wholesale price information (product name, quantity, price, and % discount) for each different customer group.
Set up product prices


Set up product redemption units

Make it easier for sellers to manage products in special units.
  • Freely specify the quantity of products corresponding to the conversion unit (for example, 1 batch = 6 cans) and automatically update the warehouse when there are fluctuations.
  • Update the price of the product in units of conversion: list price, selling price, and original price.
  • Each conversion unit will be pre-set with a barcode to make inventory more convenient.
Set up product redemption units


Product information synchronization

All information and attributes of products from sales channels will be managed on a single admin page.
  • Allows to turn on / off the synchronization mode of all product information from different channels (stores, websites, apps, Lazada e-commerce platform, Shopee, GoMUA, TikTok Shop, Facebook, Zalo) to the GoSELL administration system and vice versa.
  • Automatically update the number of products on channels when there is a fluctuation in inventory quantity.
  • Set up/customize product prices (listed price, price).
Product information synchronization


Managing products by batches - Expire day

Assisting the shop owner in managing products by batch - expiration date, ensuring a consistent supply of new goods with the highest quality to customers
  • Allow creating / editing / importing goods by batch with full detailed information (name, code, production date, expiration date) of the batch.new
  • Transfer goods by batch between branches and affiliates.new
  • Enable sales and order confirmation based on batch - expiration date.new
Manage product by Lot-Expiry Date

Did you know that with each product listed on GoSELL software, your product can appear simultaneously on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop.
To know more about GoSELL's e-commerce platform synchronization capabilities, learn about the E-commerce Platform Management Sync feature right here.