Comprehensive Analysis - Reporting

Comprehensive Analysis - Reporting

Build a complete picture of your business activities

Analytics - Reporting feature helps you easily track and measure business performance in each given time period to predict consumer shopping demands and make business decisions in the most accurate way.

Comprehensive analysis of sales and service reports

Support sales targets - improve sales performance


Multi-channel, cross-platform, multi-branch revenue report

Make it easy for sellers to identify which branches, sales channels, or platforms do the best business to focus on.
  • Revenue report by sales channel (Shopee, Lazada, GoMUA, TikTok Shop).
  • Revenue report by platform (store, website, sales app, social platforms).
  • Report revenue by branch.
Multi-channel, cross-platform, multi-branch revenue report


Analyze revenue by order

Indicate the overall growth of the business's revenue.
  • Display accounting indicators on the report (revenue, profit, gross profit, total capital, total orders, delivery fees, average order value).
  • Filter the sales revenue report by the order's payment status or method.
  • Allows tracking sales revenue reports by specific milestones.
Analyze revenue by order


Booking service revenue analysis

Optimize your service management.
  • Show on the booking revenue report (all services revenue, completed services revenue, all services average value, pending revenue,...).
  • Displays the list of the latest booking services (customer name, booking reference, total amount,...).
  • Allows tracking service revenue reports by specific timeline.
Booking service revenue analysis


Support for business activities

As the basis for implementing sales and marketing plans.
  • Analyze revenue and profit by each specific region, supporting the market expansion process of businesses.
  • Statistics of the best-selling products by certain times.
  • Report by orders of each salesperson, making it easy for businesses to reward the best individuals.
Support for business activities

Analytics and reporting will give you an intuitive and accurate view of your omnichannel business performance across multiple platforms.
Not stopping there, you can also easily track orders and control the commission of your network of affiliate up to thousands of people thanks to the affiliate management feature, learn more here.