Breakthrough revenue with affiliate dropship

Breakthrough revenue with affiliate dropship

Building a multi-level affiliate management model

You are looking to build a professional affiliate management system with many types of discounts or even multi-levels but cannot control the number of affiliate as well as incentive policies, orders of each affiliate?

>>> Affiliate Dropship feature helps you manage and build a system of professional affiliate dropship up to thousands of people with a variety of different levels, to support to widespread your brand to customers at the most optimal cost.

What is Dropship Affiliate?

They are salespeople who can easily introduce products to customers through marketing links and receive commissions without having to import products. Besides, the system allows sellers to easily control orders and commissions of each affiliate person accurately and professionally.

With Affiliate Dropship feature - Support to build a professional affiliate team

Market expansion - Brand promotion - Revenue acceleration


Affiliate Account Management

Build an affiliate account system that makes it easy to manage and track on a single platform.
  • Allow users to easily register as an affiliate dropship through your website. Also, create and share product/collection links across platforms to market to customers.
  • You can also easily create/delete Affiliate accounts (applicable for foreign sellers accounts) and have complete control over the GoSELL system.
  • Enable checking for duplicate information (Citizen ID / Tax ID / Email / Phone number) of
  • Set up flexible incentive according to status, classification, discount or % discount for each Affiliate person
  • Allows accurate management of the quantity of affiliate, discount type and orders coming from affiliate
Affiliates' account management


Expand Affiliate management system with a multi-level model

Encourage affiliate to introduce affiliate and bring the store's products to many potential customers quickly.
  • Set commissions for each affiliate level according to your store's own formula.
  • Affiliate can introduce more affiliates by sharing the registration link, referral code, ... with many people.
  • The affiliate hierarchy helps higher-level of affiliates can manage and receive commissions from the lower-level.
  • Display the list of affiliates in a hierarchical tree
Expanding the Affiliate Management System According to the Multi-Level Model

Manage affiliate commissions

Features to help manage affiliate commissions (incentives) in the simplest and most effective way.
  • Allows setting % discount or discount type (all products, specified products, collections) or based on monthly revenue of affiliate.
  • Sellers can set automatically approve commission to save time and effort
  • Confirm or reject commission orders easily.
  • Assign customers to affiliates so that affiliates can get commissions when there are new orders from customers.
Creating Links For Products Introduction


Affiliate order management

Allows checking the order list of all affiliate.
  • Easily search for orders by affiliate, filter orders by payment/delivery/approval status.
  • Allows chaecking the order list of all affiliate.
  • Set to receive notifications when there is an order from affiliate.
  • Automatically approve/reject commissions for an order of affiliate.
  • Allow assigned affiliate to place orders on Website and choose payment methods (COD ship/transfer/debit, credit card).
Affiliates' Commission Management


Affiliate Sales and Incentives Payments Report

Based on the data on the system, sellers can pay to their affiliate.
  • Track the incentives of all affiliates by status (approved, rejected, pending, paid).
  • Allow reviewing the entire history of discount payment based on a specific time and enable filtering discounts by level/title, management of the
  • Import and export discount payment report files for affiliates.
  • Tax can be deducted from the income of affiliates.
Affiliates Order Management

The affiliate management feature allows you to build an affiliate team by multiple levels; help you control accounts of affiliate people, orders, commission and payment of commission for each affiliate person in the most accurate way.
In addition, customers referred by an affiliate person are also saved and managed on the CRM system, learn more about this feature here.